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Why buy your replacement Prius Hybrid Battery from Hybrid Battery Depot?

  • Hybrid batteries are completely re-manufactured
  • 18 Month Warranty guarantees your investment
  • Batteries arrive charged, ready to install and drive
  • No Shipping Charges
  • No Core Deposits
  • We will buy your old core and we pay the return shipping
  • You save a lot of money.
    Our remanufactured batteries cost significantly less than a new battery. Add to that our purchase of your core and the same warranty you'd get with a new battery and the cost savings are monumental.
  • It is eco friendly.
    You likely invested in a Prius Hybrid vehicle because you are aware of the environment. By replacing your old Prius battery with a remanufactured one you are continuing your eco-friendly efforts. When you buy a remanufactured Prius hybrid battery not only do you a get a battery that meets the manufacturers original standards you keep batteries and components out of the scrap yard by retaining and renewing working parts that are still in good condition. In fact we would like to buy your battery once you replace it with one of ours.

Prius Hybrid Battery Generation 2 (2004-2009) Prius Touch Screen Computer Generation 2 (2004-2009)
Our Price: $2,499.00
Our Price: $599.00
Prius Computer (2004-2009)
FREE SHIPPING in the continental US and NO HIDDEN FEES!! This is a fully remanufactured Generation 2 Prius computer with touch-screen display. Both Navigational ($699) and non-Navigational ($599) displays are available.
Prius Speedometer Generation 2 (2004-2009)
Our Price: $149.00
Prius Speedometer Generation 2 (2004-2009)
Remanufactured Generation 2 Prius Speedometer Display Module

Remanufactured combination meter speedometers do not have zero mileage, they will display the mileage of the donor vehicle.